Heat pumps have been around for decades, but are getting more popular every day. They deliver steady, even, clean heat all winter, and comfortable coolness all summer. And most importantly, they can save you money doing it.


There a lot of reasons to consider switching to a heat pump:

  • Save money. Heat pumps are ultra-efficient compared to traditional heating systems – not only will you be more comfortable year-round, but you can save up to 50% on the heating portion of your bill during those cold winter months.
  • Keep cool in the summer. A heat pump is twice as energy efficient as a stand-alone window air conditioning unit and dehumidifies your home on muggy days.
  • Say good-bye to allergies. A heat pump will clean your home’s air, keeping pollen, dust and dirt away so your family can breathe easy.
  • Peace of mind. Installing an efficient, easy-to-use system to heat and cool your home makes your life simpler, and heat pumps are easy to maintain no matter the season.
  • A green choice. Heat pumps deliver up to 75% renewable energy when in heating mode. A certified heat pump contractor will help you decide which ENERGY STAR® rated model works best.