Ask for the Card

Before you hire a contractor to install your heat pump, we encourage you to first check their credentials.


To install a heat pump, your contractor must be a certified refrigeration and air conditioning mechanic or registered refrigeration and air conditioning mechanic apprentice working under the direct supervision of a certified individual. Anyone who carries this certification in Nova Scotia should be able to provide you with a photo identification card. This will specify their trade and confirm they have met industry standards.

A certified refrigeration and air conditioning mechanic will:

  • Ensure your new heat pump is sized correctly.
  • Charge your heat pump before its first use.
  • Make sure your heat pump runs at its maximum efficiency.
  • Keep your warranty valid.

Asking for the Card upfront
will ensure your heat pump installation process is as smooth as possible.

For more information on hiring a Journeyperson in Nova Scotia, visit the Nova Scotia Apprenticeship Agency’s website.

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