Like all heating and cooling systems, proper maintenance is key to getting the most out of your heat pump. Your contractor will be able to offer you a maintenance package, but there are a few things you can do on your own to help (check your manual for more detailed information).

  • Your outdoor unit must be kept clear of vegetation, leaves and debris. In the winter, make sure snow is cleared from all sides and from around and below the unit.
  • Turn off power to the inside unit and clean the filters regularly. Dirty filters may reduce the performance of the heat pump.

Maintenance your contractor may offer

(may differ depending on the contractor)

  • An annual maintenance check of the complete system (recommended).
  • Clean the outdoor coils (during your annual maintenance). Dirty filters, coils and fans reduce airflow through the heat pump’s system.
  • Replace any filters that need changing.
  • Check all electrical connections.
  • Clean evaporator and condenser air conditioning coils.
  • Inspect refrigeration lines.

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